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 Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Events  

Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Events

Each year the Kingdom of Atenveldt sponsors two Kingdom-level Arts & Sciences events, these being the Atenveldt Kingdom Collegium and the Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition. In addition, the Kingdom also hosts one inter-Kingdom Arts & Sciences event, the Estrella War Arts & Sciences Competition.

The pages presented here contain information concerning each of these events. Preceeding each of these events, the event information may be regularly updated to provide information to prospective event participants. Following each event, the information for the most recent event may be preserved online until the following year. We suggest that those interested regularly check for changes as the date for one of these events nears.

The Arts & Sciences truly form the heart of the Society for Creative Anachronism! We encourage all to attend these events. Please select a link below to proceed to the event information page:

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