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 Atenveldt A&S Staff Description  

Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Staff

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., relies on many talented and service oriented individuals to keep the organization operating within the modern world. Hence, each Kingdom has a set of warranted (authorized) officers and deputy officers to handle the day-to-day operations of the organization. Within each Kingdom, the local areas (Baronies, Shires, Colleges, etc.) also have a similar, warranted staff of officers.

In addition to the warranted officers and deputies, others may also volunteer (or be asked) to assist an officer or office. These individuals make up an auxiliary staff. The A&S Minister of Atenveldt has chosen to honor these individuals for their contributions, and they are listed here in addition to the warranted staff at the Kingdom and local levels…

The Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Minister and Deputies (warranted) may be found here:
     Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Minister and Deputies

The A&S Officers (warranted) of the local groups within Atenveldt may be found here:
     Atenveldt A&S Officers of local groups

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