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A&S Documentation Help...
 Documentation Help...  

What is "Documentation,"
and, How do I Get There from Here?

"Documentation" is the first of the six criteria evaluated when judging an entry in the Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition. The description of this criterion (from the Judging Sheets) indicates, "Includes complete information relating to the pre-17th century example(s) used for the entry as well as other information pertinent to the entry for use by judges." However, this does not really explain to unfamiliar artisan entrants what Documentation really is.

The Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Judges' Certification Handbook discusses the Documentation criterion (p. 12–14) and indicates, "While judging Documentation, each judge, using information from his individual personally developed Standard of Perfection, must evaluate the information provided by the entrant. In particular, the judge will be looking for references and citations indicating what specific pre-17th century examples were models for the entry, as well as what primary or secondary evidence the entrant used to determine that their models were indeed pre-17th century." The key words here are, "... information provided by the entrant."

So, Documentation is a textual description of the entry, including citations/references and illustrations as needed, showing that the entry is based upon a pre-17th century model and describing to the judges the validity and authenticity of all aspects of the entry, including the materials and/or source materials used, as well as the tools and techniques used to create and/or present the entry. Each entrant is expected to provide a brief paper containing this pertinent information for the judges as a supporting document accompanying each of their entries.

Unfortunately, not all good artisans are also good writers, and the thought of Documentation may be intimadating to some. So, please find below some information, provided by some of the fine Atenveldt artisan community, to assist potential entrants in better understanding and writing good Documention. In addition, a few selected links to other SCA-related Documentation assistance resources appear to the right.

Atenveldt Documentation Resources...

Documentation—Preparing for Competition by Dame Fiona Gwyllt Wynne, O.L.

More Documentation Hints, Tips & Tricks… A list of tips for documentation provided by former A&S Ministers from conversations with artisans…

A&S Documentation by Lady Tiphina of Ledbury. Notes from a class on Documentation presented by Lady Tiphina. [Internal link references updated 10 July 2009.]

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