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Atenveldt Judges Certification Handbook
 Atenveldt A&S Judges' Certification Handbook  

The Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Judges’ Certification Handbook is required reading for all Atenveldt Certified A&S Judges. We strongly suggest that this Handbook be downloaded, printed, and thoroughly studied before taking the required Judges’ Certification Class.

We also recommend that all artisans planning to enter the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition review the Handbook. The Handbook contains a full explanation of how the judging process is carried out by the judges, and a good explanation of the official Judging Sheets is included! Many hints on how the Competition itself operates are also given.

The link below will open a PDF copy (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing) of the Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Judges’ Certification Handbook. Please note that this is set up for double-sided printing, with appropriate gutter margins and five intentionally blank pages between sections. If the Handbook is printed only on one side of each page, we recommend that the pages be appropriately set up in sheet protectors to simulate a two-sided printing—this will keep the margins correctly aligned for insertion in a binder or folder. [A later version may be set up for one-sided printing].

Here is a link to the Handbook. As this is a 38-page publication, this should open in a separate browser window (possibly behind your main window). [Please remember, there are five intentionally blank pages in the layout]:
Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Judges' Certification Handbook

Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., may photocopy or print this work, in whole or in part, for SCA use provided copyright credit is given and no changes are made to the content. Further reproduction on other Internet sites is expressly forbidden.

Any comments or questions should be directed to the Atenveldt Minister of Arts & Sciences or to the Atenveldt A&S Deputy for Judges & Judging Certification.

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