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 Kingdom of Atenveldt Chartered Guilds  

The Chartered Guilds
of the Kingdom of Atenveldt

Throughout the history of our great Kingdom, Atenveldt has thrived due to the knowledge and works of its artisans! In some cases, a group of artisans has banded together as a guild or group, working together to learn more about a particular art or science, sharing resources, and teaching others. Some of these groups have been honored by the Crown through the granting of a Royal Charter. These Kingdom chartered guilds are listed below.

Please note that the Current Status of each guild is listed on this page as "Active" or "Not Active." This determination has been made by the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences (KMoAS) based upon whether (or not) the listed guild has an active guild web site or chat group, or has made reports to the KMoAS as indicated in the guild charter.

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