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Atenveldt Dance Guild
 Atenveldt Dance Guild  

Illumination by Isabella Evangelista (used with permission)

Illumination by Isabella Evangelista (used with permission).

Atenveldt Dance Guild
La Misura di Danzatore

The Kingdom of Atenveldt Dance Guild, La Misura di Danzatore (“The Measure of the Dancer”), is hereby established to further the practice of and research into the dancing arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The Guild is open to all those who practice, teach or are otherwise interested in the art, music, history, reconstruction, performance, or theory of period dancing styles. The purpose of the Guild shall be to encourage the spread of period dance throughout the kingdom of Atenveldt.

La Misura di Danzatore Charter…

The Atenveldt Dance Guild La Misura di Danzatore Royal Charter may be found here (pick appropriate format):

Dance Guild Discussion Group…

The Atenveldt Dance Guild discussion group may be found here:

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