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Forming an Atenveldt Chartered Guild
 Forming an Atenveldt Chartered Guild  

Forming a Chartered Guild
Within the Kingdom of Atenveldt

Within the Kingdom of Atenveldt, Chartered Guilds will be under the auspices of the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences (KMoAS). It is the purview of each Kingdom to determine how Guilds will be organized, managed and recognized. Although Guilds are not official entities within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), it is important for there to be a consistent structure within the guilds that are present in a Kingdom.

In Atenveldt, a guild may become "chartered." This provides for recognition by the Crown, and may in the future allow other advantages for active guilds. The KMoAS has composed a set of guidelines explaining what a guild within the Kingdom of Atenveldt must do to receive such recognition, and has provided a template (form) for submitting the necessary materials for receiving a Kingdom-recognized charter. These mey be viewed (and saved and/or printed) here:

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